Website Linking Strategy

I’ve been working on a project to increase Google page rank. While a neccessary part of this is to get relevant, inbound links to the website there is also another strategy that should be employed.

This is to contain the page rank within certain areas of the site at pass it, where necessary, to ther pages. While this sounds like a good plan, implementation can be tricky. Most websites have a pretty simple structure of internal links that are often not controlled much at all.

Most web savvy people know that you should only link out to other websites from certain pages so that you don’t ‘leak’ PR out of your site. But with a bit of thought, some javascript and a good old site map, you can control the flow of page rank internally too. Whats more, you can increase the page rank of your best keyword pages by directing it from pages of less importance fro within your site.

For a lot more info on this see Revenge Of The Mininet

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