Web Server, Mail Server & Development Server Upgrades

Yes I’m having to upgrade some hardware as I get more business and need more resources.

I recently upgraded the RAM on the development server. I installed 2 * 512MB kbyte memory modules. They were pretty cheap and I got them from Best Buy! That put the dev box up to 1.5GB RAM, I also installed a new hard drive, which I got at Best Buy too. A Seagate ATA100 120GB drive for $50! Bargain!

The original config for the dev box was a single hard drive that I needed to re-partition. I was looking all over the web for a partitioner for a Windows 2003 server and they were very pricey, $300 – $500 and up. Anyway, a friend of mine pointed me to a shareware product that worked like a charm! It’s called Gnome Partition Editor and you can download it free!

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