Visual Studio 2008

I’ve recently installed Visual Studio 2008 and related software. I was hoping to upgrade and start developing in it as soon as possible.

I’ve generally always been an early adopter, but didn’t move to Visual Studio 2005 until quite late in it’s life cycle. I’ve since decided that was a mistake. It’s far better to be on the curve early than to come in late, or even miss a version and come in a versiion behind. Not a good idea.

Now, I know that Microsoft, God bless them, have had a really hectic schedule with the release of Vista and now Server 2008 and SQL 2008 coming soon. But, for heavens sake, I have a problem with using Visual Studio 2008 in my development environment and it’s a show stopper.

I always develop against a remote Windows server using IIS etc. That is so that I’m effectively running up against an environment that is pretty close to production. I haven’t had any problems with this for the last 4 years.

 I installed Visual Studio 2008 and tried to convert an existing project and VS couldn’t seem to access the development share. I then tried to create a new web application project with the same results.

 I’ve posted a thread on the ASP.NET forum. No replies to that yet…

And I’ve posted a bug report with Microsoft. I know that all environments may be configured slightly differently but if it’s working in Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 I certainly expect it to work in Visual Studio 2008. What a bloody pain!

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