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I have purchased a refurbished Canon Optura Xi to replace my trusty JVC DX7. There is only one REAL reason for this, although the Canon Optura Xi is a much better camera all round really.

Anyway, there is one thing that is of paramount importance when creating a video. Whether it be web video for a videocast or vlog, for your own personal video collection, or whatever, one of the most important elements in your video presentation is the SOUND QUALITY.

Therefore, before I purchased my replacement video camera, I looked closely at the audio specs for the new unit. Surprisingly, almost none of the cameras in the prosumer range had the ability to input audio from another source or control audio levels manually. I was very surprised.

So, in a nutshell, I bought the Canon Optura Xi not for its video quality, which by the way is very good, but for its audio capabilities. Oh and of course its price too!

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