The Return Of DLL Hell?

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and the Windows system and Windows programs run on DLL files. Iy you go and look in your \Windows\system32\ folder you will see thousands of these files.

If you don’t know what DLL Hell is you are a very luck person! The term ‘DLL Hell’ was coined because of the problems and frustrations that were caused by DLL Hell.

As an example, DLL Hell can occur when you install a new sofware program and the new program overwrites and existing DLL file with a newer version, but the newer version is not fully backwards compatible with the old, overwritten version, so one or more applications that use that DLL are broken.

This happened a lot before the .NET framework and I’ve been in DLL Hell a few times and it aint a place you want to be very often…

The .NET Framework effectively got rid of DLL Hell because we are given whats called the Global Assembly Cache and Side By Side Execution. (DLLs became known as Assemblies). You can load more than one version of an assembly and have them execute side by side. In a nutshell, I can do whatever I want with my assemblies, keep all my stuff together, and forget about you and what you do with your assemblies coz my stuff works and its all here and you can’t braek my stuff. Got it?

Well, heres the thing. I’ve just installed a couple of new programs on my system. Nice programs, popular programs. Then I go and run a different program and I get… dun dun daahhhh….


True, one of the new programs is a trial version but I shouldn’t get this. I had to reinstal one of my existing programs to get it to work. So something is broken somewhere in the food chain. This is the first time I have seen this and it aint good! Problem is, who do I contact? The component vendor?, program vendors?, the code police?


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