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The Joys Of XML

I’m currently working on a project that requires posting and reading response online using XML. I’m not talking about web services here, it’s a plain old POST of an XML file, response is returned as copious amounts of XML, read that and build a web form based on the contents (yawn), have website user make […]

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PayPal Payments Pro 4.2

I’ve just upgraded a clients payment system to use the Paypal API. One new feature that I like is the API signature option for verification. Previously you had to download and install a server side certificate to verify payments through the API. This was quite easy to do but you have quite a number of […]

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SQL Reporting Web Services

I’ve had to use the SQL Server Reporting Services Web Services for a number of projects recently. Just to recap, if you don’t want to or can’t use the url based report access feature, you can render reports using a call to the reportService web service. Here’s the code that will do that for you; […]

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