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Computer Security – Port Scanning

I’ve just been writing some code to run a TCP socket on a specific port. I was having trouble reading the response from the socket, which promted me to luckily find this damn good port scanning utility that I want to tell you about. Its called JFirewallTest and it’s a nifty little Java program that […]

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The Death of SEO

I remember reading several articles last year about the death of SEO. The main point of these was that eventually Google will perfect its algorithms and search engine results will be accurate based solely on the content, which will be the most relevant. Well, I expect that G would be the first to admit that […]

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Has Google Created A Monster?

You’ve probably seen the news about Viacoms lawsuit against YouTube for copyright infingement. Well,  everyone new that was coming and it will be a test case that will  be very interesting. But I really do have some doubts about Google… If you know anything about the internet and search engines, you know that Google is […]

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