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A poorly designed website can cost you sales

A poorly designed website can cost you sales and hurt your credibility. That’s why I’ve written a special report; ————————————————————————————- 6 Hidden Traps that Kill Online Business and Why Most Web Designers Don’t Want You to Know About Them ————————————————————————————- The information in my report is honest and really good advice if you are looking […]

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Integrate Google Calendar in your web design

I’ve been asked by a couple people recently about option for coding a calendar function into their websites. While I do like to earn good money and make a handsome profit I feel that coding for the sake of it is not an option. There are so many services and online systems available these days that […]

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ASP.NET Machine Generated Code

I just started working with a new client in Port Charlotte. They have had a website built by a company in Tampa and how now parted company with that company, so to speak. So I pick up this system and start to go through the coding and it’s build etc, trying to get up to […]

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Auto Insurance Affiliate Website

I’ve just put up an Auto Insurance affiliate website, working with some partners of mine. We’ve decided to see if we can get enough low cost traffic using Google Adwords PPC. We are in the conversion testing phase at the moment. The cost per click for US based Google traffic is rising quite sharply, so […]

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Parsing Google Maps HTML

If you cannot afford 10 grand for an enterprise version of the Google Maps API, then you might be stuck having to parse the html form the clunky old maps.google.com website. If that is the case, here’s a snippet of code that seems to work consistently to parse out the lat and lon from the […]

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Essential Objects – Treeview

I’ve just finished a web project that I used the Essential Objects TreeView control. I had thought initially that it would be relatively easy to configure. I’ve used a number of Essential Objects controls before and always found them fairly intuitive to use. However, the TreeView was anything but intuitive. At the designer level it […]

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You Just Never Know! Website Re- Development

A customer has decided that they want to completely change their new website design. Even after signing off on the design phase of the project. This is proof that you really must have a game plan and sign-off milestones in any project. Even web site designs can be re-called and new designs requested. Had I […]

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Website Sitemaps

On the subject of website linking and optimization, a really important element of your internal linking strategy will be your ‘standard’ html sitemap. Not to be confused with your Google sitemap! If you checked out Revenge Of The Mininet you will know what I mean. So here is a link to a very nice Java […]

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AJAX – not for cleaning the toilet with!

Ajax, shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML basically allows you to post back to your web server and return without a full refresh of the page. It’s very nice for the website visitor as just the requested area of a page can be refreshed, so the interaction with the web server seems almost non existent. […]

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Newsletter Manager – RSS & Atom Feeds

I’ve been working on updating my own website using RSS & Atom feeds. This is further work that started with a new service that I introduced at the beginning of this year called Newsletter Manager. So, Newsletter Manager uses RSS feeds to provide additional, hopefully on-topic, information links in the newsletter that readers can then […]

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