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Web Video Casting

I have been doing a fair amount of research recently on web video casting. I have a camcorder, a JVC GR-DVX7 that I bought on a trip to New York City many years ago. The thing has been a great toy and trouble free for all these years. I have to say, I never really […]

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The Ubiquitous Flash Format

So while I’m researching all of this I stumble across some interesting information from Macromedia regarding the newest (then) version of Flash, which at the time was the newly released Flash 7. Turns out the Macromedia had introduced in Flash 7 the FLV (Flash Video) format. Now, ‘so what’ I hear you cry! Well, the […]

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QuickTime format

The second option that I was looking at for playing video from my client websites was QuickTime. QuickTime is Apple Computers format. Now, there are versions of the QuickTime player available for the PC running Windows. There are also versions of Windows media player and other software utilities available to run on the Mac. So […]

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Web Video Formats

I looked into the available options at some length a while ago when I was doing two video projects for clients. At first I thought of the 2 most obvious options. Windows media – wmv QuickTime – Apple mov Both of these would be acceptable because they at least buffered the file so it would […]

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Video Blogging – Vlogging

I’ve been studying the progress of video blogging recently. I’m really interested in this technology and am finding out more about it. I did a couple of video projects for 2 customers a about 18 months ago. All of the videos were supplied to me by the client. I had to make them into suitable […]

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