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The Return Of DLL Hell?

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and the Windows system and Windows programs run on DLL files. Iy you go and look in your \Windows\system32\ folder you will see thousands of these files. If you don’t know what DLL Hell is you are a very luck person! The term ‘DLL Hell’ was coined because of […]

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IT Works!

I’ve written somewhere on my website how I try to provide solutions that give a good return on my clients investment. Unfortunately with Information Technology you don’t generally get any kind of feedback on the good stuff. You only hear when things are going wrong. That has a tendency to happen because the results are […]

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Secure Black Box

As part of the specification for a new project, I am looking at a number of different vendors of encryption related technology products for the .NET framework. The one I like best so far is Secure Black Box by Eldos Corp. It seems to have a good reputation and the documentation is good, which is […]

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