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ASP.NET Machine Generated Code

I just started working with a new client in Port Charlotte. They have had a website built by a company in Tampa and how now parted company with that company, so to speak. So I pick up this system and start to go through the coding and it’s build etc, trying to get up to […]

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The Joys Of XML

I’m currently working on a project that requires posting and reading response online using XML. I’m not talking about web services here, it’s a plain old POST of an XML file, response is returned as copious amounts of XML, read that and build a web form based on the contents (yawn), have website user make […]

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SQL Server NOT IN Clause

I’m currently working on a project where we are importing data transactions on a daily basis and need to compare the imported file with the current file. One of my favorite SQL clauses is the NOT IN clause, which I have used many times to do comparison type queries. Quite often, this powerful clause will […]

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