Should Government Regulate Search Engines?

It seems a recent post at TechCrunch has created somewhat of a poo-storm in the search engine optimization space.

I have to agree that the thought of government trying to regulate search seems pretty darn ridiculous to me.

The anonymous author states ‘It’s now conventional wisdom that search engine optimization, representing the organic result sets on any search query, is more voodoo than science’.Well I don’t agree with that at all. If you ask me its always been more voodoo than science. The biggest problem was, is and will always ever be SPAM!

We’ve had link spam for years, content spam for years and now that Google is pulling search results form multiple channels in universal search we’ve got universal spam.

The authrors premise is that the search engines control who shows up in the saerch results and who doesn’t, paid search accounts can be blocked at any time etc.

It sounds like he doesn’t like Google much. Maybe his company just got slapped? Gee, I know how that feels (it hurts, especially for no fault of your own – thanks G)

You can read the original post here;

And this is an interesting response from Aaron Wall of Seobook;

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