Is Search Engine Optimization for Suckers?

Its no secret that I've said before that SEO is dead.

Well, it's still a massive industry and companies pay SEOs big bucks to try and push their websites onto the first page of Google.

The fact that it's not worth doing unless you're in the #1 – #3 spot is not talked about at client meetings; nor is the fact that there is no point in starting to do SEO until you know what keywords work for your business and the best, quickest, cheapest way to do this is buy traffic…

Here are some great resources from Aaron Walls SEOBook website that, if you can be bothered to take a look, will explain some of the nuances of working with the Google 'smoke and mirrors machine'.

A Look at How Organic Links Have Lost Value

Over the years Google has moved to "fight spam" at the same time Google's business development team has pushed to "make spam." The combination of those 2 (& pulling in additional non-link relevancy signals) has lowered the value of organic links.

How Google Hit Organic Links.

Make sure you check out all the graphics at


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