Intrusive Online Marketing Practices – I Don’t Get It?

Lots of news recently about the feds getting all bent out of shape;

WASHINGTON — The fed­eral government has put Google, Microsoft, Apple and other technology companies on notice: Give consumers a way to keep advertisers from tracking them on the Web – or face regulation.


Absurd paranoia?

Washington's call to arms is a response to growing concern that invasive Internet marketing practices are eroding privacy online as every consumer move is observed, analyzed and harvested for profit.

I'm not sure if this is coming up because of advances in what is called "re-targeting' technology, my guess would be that's it.

What re-targeting does is allows you to show your ad specifically to a person who has happened upon it once online; so it does seem a little bit eerie sometimes when you start seeing the same ads popup everywhere you go…

And yes it does use a cookie on the visitors computer.

But there's no harvesting of information from a users computer.

Sure you can get an idea of where a user may have been online,but server logs track all that info anyway.

Has no-one noticed the intrusive faxes, phone calls (I get them and I'm on the Do Not Call list) and all that bloody junk mail that fills up your mail slot at the post office.

If you want to get really paranoid you should get a subscription to the SRDS and see how much information is stored about you on mailing lists that are available for sale to any old tom, dick or harry with cash…

Plus, do you have a mobile phone?

That's a bloody beacon of light shining right on you every minute of every day, doesn't matter whether you have gps turned on or not.

Someone told me a while ago there's no such thing as privacy anymore and to think otherwise is foolish.

I'm inclined to agree with him.

You should see what Eric Schmidt had to say about privacy recently; it didn't go down to well, but he's right!


Google CEO Eric Schmidt on privacy "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place," Schmidt tells CNBC

==> See the full article here

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