GoDaddy SPAM Police Are Big Pain In Butt

I had to download a software update recently and got the following message from the software vendor, who are one of the largets providers of professional software tools in the world.

I don’t know about you, but this really pisses me off. I don’t really understand why companies have to use spam filters at all? Are they worried that their customers might be offended if they have to even look at spam or aknowledge its existence?

The problem is spam filters are generally a big pain in the butt! Very expensive to buy, install, configure and maintain and for what? So your Average Joe Whiner doesn’t have to see any spam? Well, thats probably ok but I know for a fact that the very same AJW is the first person to get on the phone when an eagerly awaited email has not been recieved. Er, sorry Joe, it looks like it was eaten by the spam filter. The the crap hits the fan all over again.

I’ve got the perfect spam filtering solution. It’s called Microsoft Oulook junk mail folder. Here’s how it works;

  1. Email comes into my outlook mail client
  2. Any email with an address that is not ‘whitelisted’ by me goes into junk mail
  3. All other email goes into my inbox
  4. A couple times a day I scan my junk mail subject lines, look at any that might be wanted
  5. Any that are wanted i move to my inbox
  6. If necessary I whitelist the senders email address or domain
  7. The rest I delete
  8. This takes me no more than 30 seconds a day

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