Continental Airlines Need an Upgrade


I purchased a ticket to go to New York in the summer of last year but coudn’t make the trip. So I ended up with a $268 credit for a eTicket. That’s nice. I’ve got credit with Continental.

A friend of mine is travelling to Teluride in February and she’s looking for a deal. I’ve got this eTicket and I need to go to Nashville in April. Problem is, Continental don’t service Nashville. Well, they do but they don’t have any direct flights and their prices are too high considering the palava you have to go through to get there from Tampa.

So, my friend says, I’ll transfer my Southwest airlines ticket to you. You can fly direct to Nashville and you transfer your credit to me and I’ll fly Continental to Montrose. I couldn’t be simpler.

I phone Continental and they advise me that the ticket has my name on it and it can’t be changed. Surely I say, you must be able to edit the name field. Noooo, they reply. We can’t change the name. Well, actually we could, but why should we bother helping you out, you filthy little scumbag, you’re not even an ePass member. Oh I say. So how much will it cost me to fly from Tampa to Nashville via Houston with a 6 hour lay over then, on top of my $268 credit. They say, $330 plus your credit, shall we book it for you Sir.

I can get it for $240 on Southwest nonstop (my friend just transfered her ticket to me from Southwest). On the exact days I want, without any hassle. So keep the $268 and p*^% off! I WILL NEVER FLY CONTINENTAL AGAIN EVER! GOODBYE!

Rant over:

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