Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

If you have an existing application running on your own servers, a web application on a Virtual Private Server or any combination in between, the chances are that some or all of it can be moved into the cloud.

Migrating existing applications may involve some re-factoring to derive the  benefits of cloud. Or it could be a fairly straightforward move with just some reconfiguration. Either way, I will always start with the business requirements and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Generally speaking migrating existing applications can offer the following benefits:

  1. High Availability – an  existing web application and database could be migrated from a single server in your head office data center into the cloud with load balancing and an additional server to provide redundancy and more processing power for heavy workloads.
  2. Scalability – it can be quite quick and painless to scale from 2 servers to 10 or 100. Not something you would be so happy doing if you were buying the server hardware, rack space, cooling and electricity etc. Auto scaling is also a possibility, so you only pay for the additional servers and computing power when you need it.
  3. Fault Tolerance – as soon as you factor in an additional server and load balancer you have fault tolerance built in. If one of the servers fails, or locks and needs a      reboot etc. the other(s) will be available for processing.
  4. Cost Advantage – doing all of the above for a relatively low monthly fee and not having to actually buy hardware, locate it in a data center, keep it cool, upgrade drives and other hardware items as they inevitably fail has obvious and immediate cost saving benefits.
  5. Business Benefits – you could scale as you need without a huge upfront cost, thus giving your business the ability to grow faster and quicker.

Why TRS Technology for Migration?

We know the art of software design and configuration at the system level.

We will analyze your current configuration and setup, along with your business requirements and then prescribe a solution. Likely systems for migration are;

  1. Web applications & databases
  2. Databases for mobile apps
  3. Ecommerce systems
  4. Web APIs
  5. Corporate applications running on wide area networks
  6. Pretty much any application running in your data center

Data Security

As part of our analysis we will look at your data and any specific security requirements. For example, it may be that you want to move most of your application and data from your corporate data center into a Virtual Private Cloud but keep certain sensitive customer data within your corporate data center.

RESTful Web APIs

Any and all of the above could be achieved with web services APIs. We have extensive experience developing REST web services APIs that interface with Android and IOS devices and enable them to consume and transmit data in the cloud.

SaaS Applications

We can bring our expertise of migrating and managing cloud applications to help you refactor your existing applications as SaaS applications if appropriate.


We can help you backup large amounts of your corporate data into cloud storage at very low cost.