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Whos Using Facebook for Marketing & for How Much?

I've done quite a bit of marketing on Facebook and while the cost per click (CPC) has sometimes been pretty good (i.e. affordable) I've also found the cost to be quite high, sometimes approaching the price of Google depending on the market. I've only ever run traffic to landing pages outside of Facebook and I […]

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Facebook and SPAM – The size of it!

I read somewhere recently that Facebook has got over 750 Million, that's 750,000,000 members and growing fast (as every business owner jumps on the bandwagon for cheap traffic and instant buyer riches…). An article on the Huffington Post recently about Facebooks automated system for dealing with (or trying to at least) deal with spam was […]

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Facebook & User Privacy

No doubt this will be an ongoing issue for years but with the popularity of Facebook and the number of developers creating applications it's going to be hard to police and control! The Wall Street Journal said applications were providing access to Facebook members' names and, in some cases, their friends' names, to companies that […]

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