Archive | February, 2008

Asynchronus Socket Programming

I’ve recently done some TCP/IP socket programming. The .Net framework provides a some nice features for making asynchronus program calls. One of the most robust is TCP/IP Sockets. It can be quite confusing at first to understand the way an asynchronous call and callback mechanism works. I find it easier to understand when I look […]

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Computer Security – Port Scanning

I’ve just been writing some code to run a TCP socket on a specific port. I was having trouble reading the response from the socket, which promted me to luckily find this damn good port scanning utility that I want to tell you about. Its called JFirewallTest and it’s a nifty little Java program that […]

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Continental Airlines Need an Upgrade

Rant: I purchased a ticket to go to New York in the summer of last year but coudn’t make the trip. So I ended up with a $268 credit for a eTicket. That’s nice. I’ve got credit with Continental. A friend of mine is travelling to Teluride in February and she’s looking for a deal. […]

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