Archive | December, 2007

The End Is Nigh…

Well it’s been a great year for me and TRS Technology. Thank you to all my customers! I hope you have all had a great year too. I’m working on a number of different projects that are going to take my businesses in new and exciting directions in 2008! I’ve been working on a new […]

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MySpace For Marketing

I hadn’t bothered to make a MySpace page yet but because I’m starting to grow my business I thought I might put up a page and make some new contacts, both professionally and personally. Well, no surprise how much spam you get from good looking girls (as a man) that direct you to dating sites […]

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Auto Insurance Affiliate Website

I’ve just put up an Auto Insurance affiliate website, working with some partners of mine. We’ve decided to see if we can get enough low cost traffic using Google Adwords PPC. We are in the conversion testing phase at the moment. The cost per click for US based Google traffic is rising quite sharply, so […]

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