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How To Use .NET Cookies

If you want to access, read, write or otherwise store and send cookies in .NET you will need to access the request objects cookiecontainer. Once you have that in your sights, you can grab the cookiecollection and pick up the cookie that you need. Here is an example; Dim req As HttpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(, HttpWebRequest) […]

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Posting XML using .NET

Well, I’m into the new xml project somewhat now and have created the xml output file and the code to post it using .NET. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, here is a sample. ‘first we create a request Dim req As WebRequest = HttpWebRequest.Create( ‘set the request method to POST req.Method = “POST” […]

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The Joys Of XML

I’m currently working on a project that requires posting and reading response online using XML. I’m not talking about web services here, it’s a plain old POST of an XML file, response is returned as copious amounts of XML, read that and build a web form based on the contents (yawn), have website user make […]

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