Archive | May, 2007

SQL Server NOT IN Clause

I’m currently working on a project where we are importing data transactions on a daily basis and need to compare the imported file with the current file. One of my favorite SQL clauses is the NOT IN clause, which I have used many times to do comparison type queries. Quite often, this powerful clause will […]

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Don’t Make Any Assumptions

Many of you will have implemented systems within your organisations. You may have found that even things that seem relatively simple at first thougth, turn out to be more complex and challenging. But this surely is a fact of life, not just systems or web implementations? I’ve always set and worked towards goals, both personally […]

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PayPal Payments Pro 4.2

I’ve just upgraded a clients payment system to use the Paypal API. One new feature that I like is the API signature option for verification. Previously you had to download and install a server side certificate to verify payments through the API. This was quite easy to do but you have quite a number of […]

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