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MACs Have Bugs & Can Be Hacked Shock Horror

I saw the news recently about the uproar, yes, uproar no less, cause by a group of hackers at a security conference where some apparently managed to hack Mac OSX. WOW! This has re-opened the debate as to wether the MAC operating system is more, ahem, secure than it’s rivals, especialy, dun dun daahhhh, Microsoft […]

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Mind Boggling Project Documentation

As a developer of software systems for small and medium sized businesses I know that project documentation, while normally required in some form, is usually sparse at best and often non existent. Sure some sort of design document may be generated and then the development starts and the thing evolves somewhat and you end up […]

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Web Money Magnets

I’ve developed a system that plugs into my sites to provide adsense revenue. The system forms part of my overall strategy for Web Money Magnets, which I will be releasing later this year (if I ever get the time due to my hectic workload). The system is, as always, brain dead simple to use and […]

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Windows Live Messenger 8 Causes IE Fault

I’ve just upgraded to Live Messenger 8 with the IE toolbar and immediately had a problem after installing where Internet Explorer (i’m running 7) crashed upon opening. A real pain in the butt! I seem to have overcome this immediate problem, though it seems there may be many more! To fix my IE problem I […]

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The Return Of DLL Hell?

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and the Windows system and Windows programs run on DLL files. Iy you go and look in your \Windows\system32\ folder you will see thousands of these files. If you don’t know what DLL Hell is you are a very luck person! The term ‘DLL Hell’ was coined because of […]

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IT Works!

I’ve written somewhere on my website how I try to provide solutions that give a good return on my clients investment. Unfortunately with Information Technology you don’t generally get any kind of feedback on the good stuff. You only hear when things are going wrong. That has a tendency to happen because the results are […]

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