Archive | July, 2006

You Just Never Know! Website Re- Development

A customer has decided that they want to completely change their new website design. Even after signing off on the design phase of the project. This is proof that you really must have a game plan and sign-off milestones in any project. Even web site designs can be re-called and new designs requested. Had I […]

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Secure Black Box

As part of the specification for a new project, I am looking at a number of different vendors of encryption related technology products for the .NET framework. The one I like best so far is Secure Black Box by Eldos Corp. It seems to have a good reputation and the documentation is good, which is […]

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Website Sitemaps

On the subject of website linking and optimization, a really important element of your internal linking strategy will be your ‘standard’ html sitemap. Not to be confused with your Google sitemap! If you checked out Revenge Of The Mininet you will know what I mean. So here is a link to a very nice Java […]

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