Web Video Casting – SOUND

I did some test with the Canon Optura Xi yesterday to run through the audio capabilities and see how it performs. I have to say I am very pleased with it so far.

As far as the audio is concerned I can:

  1. Manually adjust the level of the built in microphone
  2. Turn the built in Microphone right down to 0 level i.e. OFF
  3. Plug an external mic or sound source into the unit
  4. Adjust the line level at which the mic input operates, so I can either raise the input level or lower it if the input source is too high and is clipping

This gives me pretty much all of the flexibility I need. Like I said yesterday, there aren’t many consumer level or prosumer level units on the market that offer this kind of flexibility, so its a good buy for me at a great price.

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