Web Money Magnets

I’ve developed a system that plugs into my sites to provide adsense revenue. The system forms part of my overall strategy for Web Money Magnets, which I will be releasing later this year (if I ever get the time due to my hectic workload).

The system is, as always, brain dead simple to use and will allow my customers to take pretty much any document, convert it with an easy-to-use tool and voila! You have (n) pages with a couple of adsense blocks and search built in! I’ve already had some good results and a pretty high click through rate on the ads, and I haven’t even really got it setup for testing yet as I’ve been so busy.

Here are a few examples though, so you can get the idea;

900 Pound Gorilla
Bum Marketing Method
How To Get Top Rankings in Goooooogle
Flipping Content For Profits

I could slap content up all day long and build an adsense empire! Now there’s an idea! Wehey!

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