Visual Studio, SQL Server et al upgrades…

So its been a fair while since my last blog post and boy have I been busy. Here are a few items that I have to write about soon, so as not to forget what the hell it is I’ve been so busy with lately.

  1. Upgrade to Visual Studio 2005 (yes I know this may seem long overdue but I think my timing is about right)
  2. Upgrade to SQL Server 2005
  3. Upgrade of an existing ASP.NET project from VS 2003 to VS2005 (man, I can’t believe what a pain in the arse this has been)
  4. System development update. Its been a busy month, as you can probably tell…

Well, the good news is that I’ve done all of the above and everything is working well.

The upgrade to SQL 2005 was fairly straighforward actually and yes, I’m running both SQL 2000 & 2005 happily on the same server.

The Visual Studio upgrade was less than satisfacory. Especially as I installed a version pre SP1 and then found that VS 2005 pre SP1 had a totally different concept of what the structure of a web project should be, so when I tried to upgrade an existing project from 2003 to 2005 the result was an utter mess. I then found that the in order to create a VS 2003 project in 2005 there was an add-in? A freakin add-in Microsoft? WTF?

I then found that VS SP1 had the add-in built in (YEY! Way to go MS!), so I ripped the offending pile of cack that was VS2005 pre SP1 off my PC and installed VS 2005 sans SP1. This was much more satisfactory.

I then opened an existing project and it coverted into what resembled an ASP.NET web application. I don’t know what MS was thinking when they created the new website project (well, actually I do and I’m going to save that rant for another post).

Anyway, I now have VS2003 and VS2005 IDEs installed and happily co-existing, which is a real plus. Also, the SQL Server 2005 client tools, which used to be called enterprise manager, are installed on the same PC as the old Enterprise manager and they both work fine. The bset thing is that I can use the new SQL 2005 client tools to administer both 2000 and 2005 databases, good stuff.

I’ve been putting this off for as long as possible, but had to bite the bullet mid 2007 as VS 2008 and associated .NET platforms will be with us soon and I didn’t fancy the idea of ugrading from Visual Studio 2003 to 2008 (nightmare!)

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