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Notes On Traffic

There are two types of traffic and three categories. Types of Traffic Paid v Free Paid traffic comes in many different forms. Probably the best know today is called Pay Per Click and you may recognize this term as it relates to Google’s Adwords PPC system. Although Google Adwords is still currently the most widely […]

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Newsletter Manager – RSS & Atom Feeds

I’ve been working on updating my own website using RSS & Atom feeds. This is further work that started with a new service that I introduced at the beginning of this year called Newsletter Manager. So, Newsletter Manager uses RSS feeds to provide additional, hopefully on-topic, information links in the newsletter that readers can then […]

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What The Hell is a Front End Anyway?

If at anytime I get a little carried away with technical colloquialisms (a.k.a. geek-speak) please let me know. I don’t know who might be reading this and if you are not an IT professional, or are just starting out, you may not understand developer speak. So, front-end. Simply, the interface through which you interact with […]

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