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IT Works!

I’ve written somewhere on my website how I try to provide solutions that give a good return on my clients investment. Unfortunately with Information Technology you don’t generally get any kind of feedback on the good stuff. You only hear when things are going wrong. That has a tendency to happen because the results are […]

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SQL Reporting Web Services

I’ve had to use the SQL Server Reporting Services Web Services for a number of projects recently. Just to recap, if you don’t want to or can’t use the url based report access feature, you can render reports using a call to the reportService web service. Here’s the code that will do that for you; […]

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Windows .NET, Web Services & Web Development

This project is going to be really interesting! It encompasses all of the following technologies and will no doubt be quite a challenge! 1. Windows .NET development (Windows Forms) 2. Encryption (3DES) 3. FTP 4. Website ASP.NET development 5. SQL Server Reporting Services 6. Secure Sockets Layer 7. XML Web Services I don’t think i’ve […]

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SQL Server Reporting Services

I’m looking at a new project for an existing client that will incorporate SQL Server Reporting Services. I did a project some time ago for another client using reporting services and its a very cool product. About time we had a decent tool for deploying reports over the web from Microsoft. Anyway, I’m converting about […]

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