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SQL Server Reporting Services

I’m looking at a new project for an existing client that will incorporate SQL Server Reporting Services. I did a project some time ago for another client using reporting services and its a very cool product. About time we had a decent tool for deploying reports over the web from Microsoft. Anyway, I’m converting about […]

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SQL Server 2000 – TSQL

I posted a while ago about a client of mine that has a custom built system with SQL Server 2000 on the back-end. Well, I was working on it today and thought I might post a little TSQL code here for your viewing pleasure… CREATE PROC stpDropDownEmployees_MGR (@FirstRowText nvarchar(50) = ‘—ALL ACCOUNTS—‘ ) AS SELECT […]

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SQL Server 2000

I’ve been working as a professional developer since 1991 (yikes!). I started out developing databases using Microsoft Access 1.1 and quickly moved to SQL Server on the backend. One of the cool things about SQL Server is the power of Transact SQL. I’m a Visual Basic programmer and don’t profess to be an expert in […]

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