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Searching For Answers With Engines

Now seeing as I’ve been on a bit of a rant against Google recently I’m going to end it by telling you about a couple of different kind of search engines that are known as Answer Engines. Brainboost is a ‘Question answering engine that accepts natural language queries’ and it is the spawn of Answers.com, […]

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Has Google Created A Monster?

You’ve probably seen the news about Viacoms lawsuit against YouTube for copyright infingement. Well,  everyone new that was coming and it will be a test case that will  be very interesting. But I really do have some doubts about Google… If you know anything about the internet and search engines, you know that Google is […]

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Search Engine Optimization

This is probably one of the hottest topics on the web. Everybody wants to get good search engine rankings. Well, there are two areas that need to be addressed and I will cover both of them as they come up in projects. Anyway, they are; Search Engine Optimization – SEO Search Engine Marketing – SEM

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