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Computer Security – Port Scanning

I’ve just been writing some code to run a TCP socket on a specific port. I was having trouble reading the response from the socket, which promted me to luckily find this damn good port scanning utility that I want to tell you about. Its called JFirewallTest and it’s a nifty little Java program that […]

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RoboForm Rules

I was recently turned on to a product called RoboForm by a top internet marketer called Mike Filsaime. I had seen various password management products and thought about getting one, but was dubious. After Mike mentioned how easy RoboForm is to use, I thought I would give it a try. And I must say I’m […]

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Windows Server 2003 SP2 & ARCSERVE 11.0

I run Computer Associates ARCSEVE 11.0 to backup all data every night. I recently installed SP2 on the Windows 2003 server that runs the ARCSERVE backup. After the install I found that ARCSERVE crashed after running for a while, with nothing indicated in the Arcserve log or the Windows event log. I found a usefull […]

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MACs Have Bugs & Can Be Hacked Shock Horror

I saw the news recently about the uproar, yes, uproar no less, cause by a group of hackers at a security conference where some apparently managed to hack Mac OSX. WOW! This has re-opened the debate as to wether the MAC operating system is more, ahem, secure than it’s rivals, especialy, dun dun daahhhh, Microsoft […]

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Mind Boggling Project Documentation

As a developer of software systems for small and medium sized businesses I know that project documentation, while normally required in some form, is usually sparse at best and often non existent. Sure some sort of design document may be generated and then the development starts and the thing evolves somewhat and you end up […]

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Windows Live Messenger 8 Causes IE Fault

I’ve just upgraded to Live Messenger 8 with the IE toolbar and immediately had a problem after installing where Internet Explorer (i’m running 7) crashed upon opening. A real pain in the butt! I seem to have overcome this immediate problem, though it seems there may be many more! To fix my IE problem I […]

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Online Remote Backup

I’ve started promoting an online remote backup service. I’ve setup and used the product and its very good. I recently had an Iomega REV drive that I use every night for my backups fail. I had to rectify that situation quickly as I’m very serious about backup and recovery. I’ve been in this business long […]

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