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Visual Studio 2008 SP1

I’ve just installed and configured Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. This is still in BETA but I was anxious to install and try it because of a bug fix that Microsoft were putting in after I logged a bug report with them in January. You can find that here if you want http://www.trstechnology.com/blog/asp.net/index.php/visual-studio-2008/ The […]

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ASP.NET Machine Generated Code

I just started working with a new client in Port Charlotte. They have had a website built by a company in Tampa and how now parted company with that company, so to speak. So I pick up this system and start to go through the coding and it’s build etc, trying to get up to […]

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Asynchronus Socket Programming

I’ve recently done some TCP/IP socket programming. The .Net framework provides a some nice features for making asynchronus program calls. One of the most robust is TCP/IP Sockets. It can be quite confusing at first to understand the way an asynchronous call and callback mechanism works. I find it easier to understand when I look […]

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Visual Studio 2008

I’ve recently installed Visual Studio 2008 and related software. I was hoping to upgrade and start developing in it as soon as possible. I’ve generally always been an early adopter, but didn’t move to Visual Studio 2005 until quite late in it’s life cycle. I’ve since decided that was a mistake. It’s far better to […]

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Parsing Google Maps HTML

If you cannot afford 10 grand for an enterprise version of the Google Maps API, then you might be stuck having to parse the html form the clunky old maps.google.com website. If that is the case, here’s a snippet of code that seems to work consistently to parse out the lat and lon from the […]

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Telerik RadGrid for ASP.NET

I was lucky enough to get a great deal on the RadControls for ASP.NET by Telerik recently. I’d been looking at their RADEditor offering as a replacement for my Content Management System rich text editor. The editor looks awesome and supports lots of browser versions, whereas my editor only works in Internet Explorer (its quite […]

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Essential Objects – Treeview

I’ve just finished a web project that I used the Essential Objects TreeView control. I had thought initially that it would be relatively easy to configure. I’ve used a number of Essential Objects controls before and always found them fairly intuitive to use. However, the TreeView was anything but intuitive. At the designer level it […]

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Visual Studio 2005 Upgrade

When I first installed VS 2005 I did so with a version prior to SP1. This created a problem for me when I tried to upgrade a project from VS2003 to VS2005. I didn’t know that Microsoft had created a new “website” project template, which had replaced the 2003 web application. The first point to […]

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Bulletin Boards / Membership Site Systems

I’ve been looking at some bulletin board systems recently. I want something that I can easily integrate into existing sites and new sites that I’m putting up. I looked at phpBB which has been around for a while and seems to be well liked. It’s also free, which is nice… I was toying with the […]

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