Save Your Website – Automatic WordPress Backup – A Great Plugin!

My previous WordPress backup plugin broke when WordPress version 3.o was released. I tried a few different options and finally settled on Automatic WordPress Backup, which is a plugin that backs up your WordPress database, themes. plugins and htaccess files.

Here’s why its really good!

It backs up to Amazon S3, in the cloud data storage. This is great because it’s very unlikely that Amazon will lose the data! Yes, you have to register an account at Amazon, but it’s free and the storage cost is really tiny, I mean, 20 cents a month tiny and I’ve got a big one (website).

If you’ve ever lost valuable data you know that backups are:

A) Tedious and really dull

B) Vital to your continued well being

Therefore, a few cents a month is nothing and the process is seamless.

It exports the database; a lot of backup plugins just backup the WordPress files, but thats only half of the WordPress installation. You need to have a dump of the database too if you are going to retrieve your valuable posts, pages etc. Automatic WordPress Backup does the job nicely.

It also backs up themes and uploaded content; some plugins just export the database. AWB does the database, as an SQL export and the themes, plugin files and uploaded content. So it covers everything you need to be able to restore you whole wordpress installation, which is what you want.

It allows you to schedule backups; daily, weekly or monthly backups can be set, so you can cover your options if your a daily poster or just one-in-a-while kind of poster.

I’m using AWB on many of my blogs and am setting it up for clients too.

You can download the plugin at Automatic WordPress Backup.

Go here to sign up for an Amazon Web Services account.

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