Sales and Marketing with GotoMeeting

I’ve been using gotoMeeting for a quite some time now and love it. I do all of my customer training using it and also do sales presentation with it. It’s just fantastic for both.

I recently did my first sales presentation to a new friend of mine named Joe Gaeta, who is a dental surgeon and has just opened a new practice on Siesta Key.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that it was the first time I have done a sales presentation with gotoMeeting while the client was driving on I75! YUP! Now, I did make sure he was comfortable doing that and he insisted he was OK with it, so as he drove from Sarasota to Port Charlotte I did my sales presentation, demoing my content management system, newsletter manager, membership system, directory manager, keyword editor and this blog. Not once did his connection drop, he’s using a Verizon air card I belive and not once did he crash or come off the road, whew!

Modern technology eh…

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