Payment Processing Options

There are a multitude of payment options online today, many of which are very affordable for the small or medium size business. If you are selling your own products or those of another as a retailer you will most likely want to be able to receive payment at your website.

There used to be somewhat of a stigma surrounding PayPal but I don’t think that is really applicable these days. PayPal is now owned by EBay and as such a real force to be reckoned with online. It’s easy to setup links on your html web page and hook into PayPal without any technical knowledge. Let PayPal handle the cart processing and checkout away from your website. This you can setup literally in minutes and it doesn’t cost too much either.

Furthermore, PayPal is a merchant processor too, so you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex and PayPal payments. It’s possible to integrate through PayPal and your visitor won’t even know that PayPal is involved in the transaction.

Google checkout
Google has a fairly new offering with its Google checkout and you can setup a cart and have visitors redirected to Google for payment, much the same as PayPal.

If you need to have a storefront for multiple retail items that you want to sell online, you could setup a Yahoo store, Froogle store with Google, Amazon store, EBay store etc… Plus there are a multitude of online store systems, cart systems that integrate with your website, the list goes on and on… So there really is no reason that you shouldn’t be selling your products or services online today…

Of course your credibility is one of the major factors that come into play when someone is about to buy from you online. The way your website looks (to a certain extent), your sales copy, the order form layout and ease of use, the checkout process, speed, customer testimonials (that’s why eBay , Amazon and yahoo have a ranking system for their sellers. This is social proof that the seller is credible and can deliver. So if you are doing the checkout on your own site make sure you have a nice site, good cart, easy checkout and plenty of customer testimonials along the way to make your buyer see that you deliver what you say you will, and then some…

Better Business Bureau
Institutions such as better business bureau will provide you with a seal that you can put on your website, which indicates that you meet their standards and should therefore be a trustowrth wendor.

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