Online Remote Backup

I’ve started promoting an online remote backup service. I’ve setup and used the product and its very good. I recently had an Iomega REV drive that I use every night for my backups fail. I had to rectify that situation quickly as I’m very serious about backup and recovery. I’ve been in this business long enough that I’ve seen grown men (and women) cry when they have lost all their data.

The REV drive in question was only a year old, but out od warranty, so I went and bought a new unit plus a 3 year warranty. Hell, who wouldn’t if they only seem to last a year before they take a big crap and die! Total cost to me was about $450. NOT GOOD!

Then I was introduced to Enveloc, who provide this online backup service. If only I’d known them a couple weeks before, I could have saved $450!

With this service I have a nightly backup to 2 remote servers that I can restore from any PC!

Bloody marvelous!

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