NEW AGE Backup Strategies

I backup all my data every night onto an Iomega REV drive. I bought my 1st REV drive just over a year or so ago. The 1st one burnt out within a month and it was replaced by Iomega.

I used the drive every day and it worked well, though sometimes the disk would stick in the drive and I’d have to use a paper clip to remove the disk. There is a tiny hole in the front of the drive and you push the paper clip in the hole and out pops the disk. Seems like Iomega new this would be needed.

About 2 months ago, the disk jammed as I pushed it in and, without going into the details, completely buggered the drive. Now the good news. It was out of warranty! So, I bought a new drive, plus an extended 3 year warranty for about 60 bucks! Total cost to me about $450.

So, whats the point of this story? Let me explain

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