NEW AGE Backup Strategies – Part Deux

A customer of mine was backing up their server data onto a ZIP 750MB. The disk started to fill up. They had outgrown the simple zip solution and needed more space to backup.

I priced an Iomega REV solution, which with 5 disks would have cost about $600. WOW! That didn’t seem like a very good option for my client. So I thought about it a decided we could get away with a removable external USB hard drive to backup on. The cost, about $100.

The only problem with this scenario is that the disk external hard drive would not be taken off site each evening. If the office burned down, all the data would go with it. Not a good scenario.

Then the clients accountant said to me ‘why don’t you buy 2 usb external drives and swap them every night? That’s what we do…’.

So we got 2 usb external hard drives, which are 40GB, do not need an external power supply and can be plugnplayed on just about any computer with a USB port. Total cost $200.

I wish I’d thought of that before I went and bought another REV drive! Ah well.

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