MACs Have Bugs & Can Be Hacked Shock Horror

I saw the news recently about the uproar, yes, uproar no less, cause by a group of hackers at a security conference where some apparently managed to hack Mac OSX. WOW!

This has re-opened the debate as to wether the MAC operating system is more, ahem, secure than it’s rivals, especialy, dun dun daahhhh, Microsoft Windows. Apparently the bug was in Quicktime, which is Apples media player.

I’ve noticed that, imho, many Mac users seem to be very anti Windows, particularly those who are not, again imho, qualified to make any kind of judgement about security or anything else for that matter. But developers too have said to me things like ‘oh not Windows, how can you work with that, its so bad’ and similar nonsense.

Now, first I must say I could care less but lets get real here for a minute.

1. OSX is a Unix variant and as such I wouldn’t bet on that being secure unless I’d brought in some security experts to harden and test that sucker (i’m talking about in a production environment)

2. It would cost a lot of money to do that as installation and configuration is apparently still a bugger!

3. MACs market share is around 6% so if you do the math there will be something like 90% more attempts to hack a Windows PC than a MAC. That doesn’t make a MAC more secure or less vulnerable, it simply means that more people try to hack a Windows system in one month than they do all year on a MAC.

4. All software has bugs. Period.

Here’s the original article and some interesting stats from MacDailyNews.

And the story continues…

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