JC Penney Learns SEO the Hard Way

I'm stunned that a company the size of JC Penney has seemingly blundered into the SEO world so recently.

I would have a expected them to have been honing and refining their search engine optimization strategy and the rankings that go with it for years.

However, from the article I'm about to link you too, it seems that they have very recently decided to 'boost' their search engine results and done it way to quickly and overwhelmingly.

Sadly, they will bring all sorts of attention to themselves; Google see this a mile off; and now they have been publicly slapped by G.

The New York Times asked an expert in online search, Doug Pierce of Blue Fountain Media in New York, to study this question, as well as Penney’s astoundingly strong search-term performance in recent months. What he found suggests that the digital age’s most mundane act, the Google search, often represents layer upon layer of intrigue. And the intrigue starts in the sprawling, subterranean world of “black hat” optimization, the dark art of raising the profile of a Web site with methods that Google considers tantamount to cheating.

Not nice is it JCP (the slap); check it out here

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