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I’ve written somewhere on my website how I try to provide solutions that give a good return on my clients investment.

Unfortunately with Information Technology you don’t generally get any kind of feedback on the good stuff. You only hear when things are going wrong. That has a tendency to happen because the results are often difficult to quantify. Also, in a lot of cases, the client has no mechanisms in place for measuring any return or tracking results. So a lot of the time, we’re fighting an uphill battle.

However, I’ve recently been informed that software development projects that I’ve designed and built with one of my customers is producing MASSIVE growth within the company. This has been proved by the fact that they have rolled the system out for 5 new clients in the last few months. They have also committed to a large spend on new hardware and software upgrades and they are moving to new, bigger office complex where they will be leasing an entire floor. So their investment in IT solutions is paying off handsomely for them.

I’m so happy that they are seeing these benefits. Not just because it’s good for my reputation, but because it will hopefully inspire them to try more things with technology that will give them an even greater advantage over their competitors, provide more jobs at the company and allow them to help more people who user their business services too.

They are a student loan consolidation company based in Pinellas Park. We’ve rolled out some fairly leading edge technology using .NET, ASP.NET, web services, SQL server, SQL server reporting services and encryption.

The new client roll outs take less than 4 hours and they can effectively offer their services in this way, providing great leverage in their business with additional revenue streams built on what was initially a one off internal development project. However, as always, I tried to provide a reusable solution that could be pretty easily adapted and developed and that paid off too. That’s really a great benefit of developing for the Windows platform and using the .NET framework and related technologies.

So everyone’s happy! Neat!

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