Is Personalization Important?

Presonalization seems to be a pretty big buzzword right now, but is it as important as everyone is saying?

I recently heard from a friend who has implemented personalization in his landing pages that he has improved conversion rates by anywhere from 15-20%. Now that’s got to be worth a look.

So what is personalization? Its where you take a prospect’s name or some other piece of information you know about them and use it in a mass-marketing promotion. At least thats one form of it. We’ve all been doing this for years in our mailing right? Mail merge the persons first name into the salutation of our mailing so it starts ‘Dear firstname’.

But could just a simple first name improve response and increase conversion? and by how much?

The answer is a resounding YES! The REASON?

The most important person in the entire known universe is YOU! Any communication that appears uniquely relevant to that person is bound to get your attention.

Your name in particular is the sweetest and most important word in existence —ten times more powerful in marketing than YOU or FREE combined …

A personalized marketing message has this same power to reach out through the competitive clutter of competing marketing messages, and grab your attention.

It is a conditioned, spontaneous response.

I’ve just added personalization to siteBOSS and I can tell you its very powerfull!!

The ability to drive visitors back to your website using their name in the body copy on the web page gives you a definite advantage in cutting thrugh the clutter. I’ve got a nice series of tour video’s if you would like to find out more about siteBOSS, you can find them here siteBOSS Internet Marketing Websites.

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