Googlebot Keeps on Suckin It Up!

I’ve just posted this on the Google webmaster forum. I may have to dig out Google Ripper and start talking about this again. Its a bloody nuisance!

Dear Google,

I’ve just found a couple thousand inbound links that are a pharmacy spam exploit. This may be the remnants of an exploit I reported about a year ago here

These links have been indexed by googlebot and now point to my site, not good. How come googlebot sucks this stuff up and then points them at unsuspecting websites? Surely this is obvious spam? There are thousands of hidden links at the bottom of this blog page. I would have thought it was obvious. Yet here I am again with nasty crap pointing at my site and probably I’ll start to rank for ‘cheap viagra’ again. This pisses me off!

The links are in this blog at the bottom of the page, hidden. Go view the source.

Please remove all inbound spam links pointing to my website. Hint: anything relating to pharma / drugs is spam. Another clue: anything /blog/ph.php* is spam.



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  1. Avinash King Avinash August 8, 2012 at 2:45 pm #


    My link is here…i came through pingback

    My link is present in Related link

    Thanks 🙂

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