Facebook and SPAM – The size of it!

I read somewhere recently that Facebook has got over 750 Million, that's 750,000,000 members and growing fast (as every business owner jumps on the bandwagon for cheap traffic and instant buyer riches…).

An article on the Huffington Post recently about Facebooks automated system for dealing with (or trying to at least) deal with spam was very interesting. Not because it automatically dealt with what it thought was spam, incorrectly in this instance. No we've had automatic spam removal for years with email filters etc.

What's caught my attention was;

"Our systems classify over 10 billion actions (suspicious logins, friend requests, etc.) and pieces of content (messages, Wall posts, etc.) every day," Noyes said. "Of course, no system is perfect, and we do sometimes make mistakes."


Ten billion actions a day! That's 10,000,000,000! We're talking bailout numbers here!

Seriously though, have you noticed how a lot of websites these days never seem tocompletely download?

I mean, you follow a link and land on the page, but the downloading icon keeps twirling; the status bar continues to show; connecting to Facebook…

With everybody plugin Facebook widgets, Facebook comments and Facebook like buttons on their blogs and websites it's no wonder!

I wonder if every widget, comment and like button connect on the internet is part of the 10 Billion transactions? Or is that just on Facebook.com? Nah, can't be can it?


WARNING: Before playing the video below you might want to turn down your speakers as the creator of the video is obviously deaf (no wonder!).

The Social Media Revolution – August 2011 Summery (by VSENSE)

www.facebook.com | www.facebook.com Hey guys, we've made a summery video of the social media revolution, which include data & statistics about the usage of the major social media sites worldwide. The data was collected from press data & press-sheets …


==> Original HuffPost article here:

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