Evaluating a market for a strategic blueprint of it’s wants & needs

Glenn Livingston is a genius at analysing a market. His information product How To Double Your Business is an amazing resource, I know first hand because I bought it.

The statisical analysis that he teaches is quiet in depth and really shows you how to zone in to a markets needs and wants. The great news is though that you can do far less than he teaches in his course and still do far better than 98% of most marketers. Its simple really…

The following video is a 90 minute in-depth overview of Glenn Livingston’s methods for evaluating a market and developing a comprehensive strategic blueprint of it’s wants, needs, and the language most motivating to its purchasers. Great for niche marketers … even better for people with existing, profitable businesses. Find the true points of difference in your market, not just the “price of entry” benefits which most people expect to find for free. Enjoy

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