Cookie Master For Affiliate Sales

If you’re serious about making money online, you know how important it is to for your visitor to have cookies enabled. If they don’t and you are promoting a product or service through an affiliate program, you aint gonna get paid!

Even when your visitor has cookies enables that’s no guarantee that your commission will be logged correctly, if at all. Sound a bit hit and miss? Well, it can be and that’s the reason that you have to do everything in your power to make sure your cookie gets dropped. Not only that, but dropped as soon as possible and even better, dropped for your product and your competitors product too! Sound a bit naughty? Well, maybe a bit but hey, if your promoting a product online you’ll usually see large numbers of visitors and converting to sales at fairly low numbers, so you’ll want to maximize your sales at every opportunity.

That’s where my cookie master tool comes into play. I can set it to drop a number of cookies when a page loads, even before the visitor has taken an action, such as following a link or subscribing. I’m not going to just dump a load of irrelevant cookies at random. I’m going to drop specifically targeted cookies that are in alignment with the current sales page and potential purchase items that the visitor maybe looking at. This way I can hopefully maximize sales and profits and get a better return on my advertising cost that I shelled out to get visitor to my sales page in the first place. Seems pretty fair to me…

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