Bulletin Boards / Membership Site Systems

I’ve been looking at some bulletin board systems recently. I want something that I can easily integrate into existing sites and new sites that I’m putting up.

I looked at phpBB which has been around for a while and seems to be well liked. It’s also free, which is nice… I was toying with the idea of that and then looked at vBulletin, which is another that is highly regarded, Mark Joyner uses it so it’s good enough for me! It costs $180 for a site license, so it’s not too bad price wise…

Both of these are PHP systems with mySQL on the backend. Then I looked as some ASP systems. Web Wiz Forums looks pretty good and megaBBS gets a lot of good reviews too.

There’s also a WordPress plugin called bbPress that looks OK. Seems like it might be in fairly early stage of development though.

Anyway, I’ve got a number of systems running PHP on Windows 2003 with mySQL on the backend. No problems there, but PHP isn’t a language that I develop in, so I’m really looking for ASP or ASP.NET.

If you have any recommendations or experience of these products, or others that you know of, please let me know…


Oh, look what I found here at Wikipedia  for ASP Forums and PHP Forums and this is a review site I was looking at earlier.

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