Archive | August, 2007

Ebay Is Great!

Yes, eBay is pretty cool for a number of reasons. It is possible to get some absolutely excellent deals on eBay. I just purchsed a new set of development controls for ASP.NET. They are called RadControls from Telerik.I had been thinking about buying these for a while and as I got closer to purchasing I […]

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Essential Objects – Treeview

I’ve just finished a web project that I used the Essential Objects TreeView control. I had thought initially that it would be relatively easy to configure. I’ve used a number of Essential Objects controls before and always found them fairly intuitive to use. However, the TreeView was anything but intuitive. At the designer level it […]

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Visual Studio 2005 Upgrade

When I first installed VS 2005 I did so with a version prior to SP1. This created a problem for me when I tried to upgrade a project from VS2003 to VS2005. I didn’t know that Microsoft had created a new “website” project template, which had replaced the 2003 web application. The first point to […]

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