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Searching For Answers With Engines

Now seeing as I’ve been on a bit of a rant against Google recently I’m going to end it by telling you about a couple of different kind of search engines that are known as Answer Engines. Brainboost is a ‘Question answering engine that accepts natural language queries’ and it is the spawn of, […]

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Another Pet Peeve with Google

If you’ve ever done any keyword research online you’ll know how tedious it can be. But we live in a competitive world and due diligence requires that we perform at least a basic analysis before we spend money right? And where do we go to do that? Well, a very large percentage of the population […]

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The Death of SEO

I remember reading several articles last year about the death of SEO. The main point of these was that eventually Google will perfect its algorithms and search engine results will be accurate based solely on the content, which will be the most relevant. Well, I expect that G would be the first to admit that […]

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Has Google Created A Monster?

You’ve probably seen the news about Viacoms lawsuit against YouTube for copyright infingement. Well,  everyone new that was coming and it will be a test case that will  be very interesting. But I really do have some doubts about Google… If you know anything about the internet and search engines, you know that Google is […]

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What Is Web 2.0?

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about web 2.0 and it seems there are a lot of different ideas about what it is exactly. I guess this is not surprising as it is marketers and marketing departments in companies that are trying to define it. If that’s the case I think those camps will […]

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New WordPress Blog

Yep! It’s official! I’ve just finished installing and configuring WordPress for blogging. I was previously using Blogger and had just actually migrated to Blogger 2, but I was unhappy with the way that was going for a number of reasons. So, I decided to install WordPress and configure it into my TRS Technology website. The […]

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